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HOW much is membership?

WCCA membership is just $100 per year. To pay online use the PayPal button at the bottom of this page. (note, if you don’t have a PayPal Account, there is the option to pay with credit card).

WHY become a member?

1. MEANINGFUL REFORM: Each year WCCA advocates for reasonable workers’ compensation laws and regulations in Alaska.  Right now we are working hard on comprehensive reform to ensure workers’ have the best care possible and employers are able to afford the insurance.  We believe it is unconscionable that it is possible for lawyers to be paid more than the cost of an injured workers’ medical costs, that medical costs are the main reason Workers Compensation costs are so high, and many other issues that must be addressed to make Workers’ Compensation affective.  Click here to learn more about what we believe to be the factors that lead to Workers’ Compensation costs to be so high in Alaska and how you can help fix it.

2. EDUCATION: WCCA provides education opportunities to HR and Workers’ Compensation professionals as well as business owners.  Some is more technical than others, but all of it is good information.

3. NETWORKING: WCCA events also provide networking opportunities which can lead to long-term, beneficial business relationships.

WHAT can I do to help?

1. SHARE INFORMATION with employees, co-workers and cohorts!  Employees generally believe the most credible source of information about public policy comes from their employers.  WCCA sends out notices about important times in Juneau when legislators need public input so business interests are shared. We’ll give you and your employees (if you forward the information) pointers on what to say in our communications and are happy to discuss questions you might have in person before you say your piece. Unless legislators hear a loud cry from the business community, we won’t get the reform businesses need to lower costs and keep our workers safe.

2. GET INVOLVED we are always looking for good board members and committee members.  This is a 100% volunteer organization, so volunteers are needed.


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